Start Marketing with Twitter Today: Actionable Advice To Get Tweeting

While Twitter may not as big as Facebook in terms of traffic, it definitely has many advantages over Facebook. It’s not only easy to gain followers on Twitter, but you can also engage with users before they become your fan on a business page or your friend on a personal profile.

The following guide will definitely help you setup your Twitter profile and implement a robust and successful Twitter marketing strategy. We will provide you tips and suggestion to all those who’re new to Twitter or are just looking for some exciting ideas for marketing on Twitter .

Research The Competition

If you’re new to Twitter marketing, it’s best to start by doing some research on your competition on what they’re dong in the Twitterverse.

We can almost guarantee that there is a similar freelancer, blogger, local business, entrepreneur, or any sized business already out there taking advantage of Twitter. You can easily find them out by using online directories such as Wefollow and Twellow to search for Twitter users in specific industry.

Be sure to find the best examples to follow- for instance if you’re a local bakery, and your competition down the road isn’t on Twitter, try to broaden your search for the local bakery in a larger city. Once you find few of them, follow them and see what they do. Check what seems to get good response and what doesn’t.

Important Profile Elements
If you’re just starting out and not seeing lot of success with marketing on Twitter, have a look at your profile. Make sure you have the following.

* Custom Background Design- When some person comes to your Twitter profile for the first time, they should see an impressive design that amply reflects your brand.

* Concise and Descriptive Bio-On Twitter, you get just 160 characters to describe yourself and what people will get if they follow you. So make it convincing and interesting for success with marketing on Twitter!

* Profile Picture – Nobody wants to follow generic Twitter icons. People actually want to see the person behind the profile. Social media is all about engagement, and people want to engage with real people, not just bots or companies.

Do 2-6 Tweets Daily

Start with 2-6X tweets daily if you want to see quick results with marketing on Twitter. Any less, and your tweets might not be seen. Also create meaningful content that people would want to share. ReTweets will work, but original content is so much better.

Finding Targeted Followers

You can find targeted followers with TwitterCounter search. Just enter your keyword and soon you’ll see users with their following and follower count. You can connect TwitterCounter to your Twitter account and follow of those users directly from TwitterCounter’s search results!

You can also get Twitter lists viu Listorious. Once you see these lists on Twitter, go to the following tab. Then click on each of the users. On the right side of the screen you can see their profile pop out, and have an option to follow them. You can also use Wefollow and Twellow directories mentioned above.

These days, you can also find many applications that automate the following process. This can definitely speed up marketing on Twitter The most popular one is the Twitter Addre that finds and follows new users regularly based on customized searches and it automatically unfollows all those who do not follow you back within a specified timeframe.

You can also get followers from your own blogs, websites, email newsletters or through other ways by sharing links with others. Be sure to add your Twitter link to everything, down to your forum signature, email signature and even other social profiles.

Manage Links

Link to videos and photos to have them appear on your Twitter Landing Page. It’s important your images support your brand or tell a story. You can also create an image for the background of your Twitter page.

Automate Twitter Account Management

You can use TweetDeck or HootSuite to manage multiple search words, accounts, or hashtags. Also learn the Twitter lingo-via, RT, DM, FM, ^., #, Be sure to use #hashtags as often as possible

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists allow you to add up to 500 people to particular lists to help you monitor those users. This is a good way to monitor through leaders in your industry. You can use HootSuite to create lists by adding a new column to one of your tabs, creating a new list and then adding users to it. Follow them to learn all about the topics important in your industry, respond to them and retweet their posts.

Twitter Chats

One of the best ways to get involved with Twitter community is by participating in relevant chats. Joining these chats on a regular basis will lead to an increase in targeted followers.